As much as clean ingredients are important to the formulations, so is versatility! My name is Noor, & I am the founder of SKINGLASS BEAUTY! I wanted to create products that allow people to feel beautiful in their skin. I’ve been a professional makeup artist for 12+ years and when I set out to create the first product (OG Highlighting oil ) I wanted it to reflect my artistry, a skin-first approach.

Before every good makeup application, there is excellent skin prep. I set out to create products with ingredients that nourishing, hydrate but also prep the skin before makeup. Because of the my artistry, I built a brand around clean effortless makeup. I always wanted to see the person before the makeup & allow them to feel the best in their skin. Not overwhelmed with product. The reputation around noorface, allowed me to transition into my brand and people came along because they trusted me. I stayed true to my aesthetic and style allowing my why to remain authentic. My products are a direct reflection of my work. SKINGLASS is such a classic beauty brand & offers everyday skin essentials for any and everyone!

I’m beyond proud of the progress. To me, word of mouth is essential and while social media allows  me to share on a broader scale - a friend telling a friend will always remain more valuable to me! It means more & that is what keeps SKINGLASS growing.